Survival Book: Survive Until The End Comes

Learn How To Survive Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Terrorist Attacks, Nuclear War, Economic Collapse, Bird Flu, Active Shooters, Death of a Loved One, & Other Disasters. Learn About Food, Water, Bartering, First Aid Kits, & Survival Kits

By David Presnell

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     There seems to be an almost magical belief that spending money will make you safe from disasters. When the event occurs, the house leveled and the city is in chaos, the only real survival tool you may have at your immediate disposal is the information you have stored in your mind and the skills you have practiced prior to a survival event. The Survival Book, "Survive Until The End Comes" will show you how to develop your survival thinking and survival skills, using easy, step-by-step instructions to help you and your family survive just about any man-made or natural disaster event. You will learn some of the untold truths and secrets about surviving and put away some of the common myths. You will learn about the simple survival tools that may help you during surviving an event, including how to build (and use) professional survival kits and first aid kits and survival shelters on a low budget. The author of "Survive Until The End Comes"  is a former paramedic and medical rescue professional. Many traditional survival techniques simply do not work for the average person in real survival situations. They may work for highly trained military survivalists, but not for most of us. David shows you what works and what doesn't! He provides field-tested, dependable survival techniques & information that you can use every day to bring hope and comfort to you during these times of chaos. Take the time to learn how to survive before it's too late! It does not cost you very much money to become a survival thinker. If you would like to learn more, look inside the all-new 2013 second edition of "Survive Until The End Comes" . Scroll down to see sample photos from inside the book and what other readers are saying. Avoid becoming a statistic! This book can save your life! Get your copy of "Survive Until The End Comes" today!  

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Learn the secret to testing wild plants to be sure they are safe to eat.
Learn about common edible wild plants are very
high in nutritional value.
Learn how people of times past lived off of the land.
Making A Homemade Fishing Pole First Trout Caught Large Mountain Trout Testing The Seal of a Nato Gas Mask Applying A Pressure Dressing
Learn how to catch fish on a homemade fishing pole, clean & cook
them on a fire you started yourself...
All in the pages of "Survive Until The Ends Comes".
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From Testing a NATO Gas Mask to Building a Hunter Trapper Fire,
You will be prepared with "Survive Until The End Comes"!
Lighting The Fire Eating Pine Bark
Preparing pine bark for dinner.

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Paperback: Color edition 182 pages:  Language: English ISBN-10: 1484801792  ISBN-13: 978-1484801796

Paperback Bug-Out Bag Edition: (B&W) 266 pages: Language: English ISBN-10: 149032657X ISBN-13: 978-1490326573

Kindle Color Edition: File Size: 4366 KB:  ASIN: B00CVINVIC  Language: English

In this book, you will learn how to think survival. You will learn how to become more prepared, both mentally and physically, for surviving the event when it occurs, and how to survive after the event has happened.
Learn how to survive earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, nuclear war, economic collapse, bird flu, active shooters, and other disasters. There is a powerful chapter on dealing with the death of a loved one. You will learn how to find and make water safe to drink, how to build a fire under any conditions, and how to locate and cook emergency food, including common edible wild plants. You will learn how to make and use professional first aid kits, professional survival kits, and the perfect “bug-out” kit. You will learn the secrets of financial survival, including how to find extra cash, the secrets of bartering, how to get out of debt, and how to deal with total financial collapse. Learn the secrets of how to break a life-threatening habit, such as, overeating or heavy smoking and learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from potentially dangerous people.
Survival is not just about preparing for some terrible disaster to happen. It’s also about learning to survive a job loss, a foreclosure, or the death of a loved one. Survival can be learning to lose weight or quitting smoking to possibly prevent a heart attack or stroke. Survival is to try and extend our lives every single day. Anything that can drastically change our day-to-day routines can become a survival event. This book will show you how to survive an event and the aftermath.
David offers the reader proven, easy-to-understand methods of coping and surviving.... most of all, he offers hope! His compassionate understanding of survival picks up and delivers where others leave off. His survival book is a guide for day-to-day living for the masses of people calling America home. It is easy-to-use by non-military trained and inexperienced people. You can use this book every day of your life.
This survival book is a survival guide for the people.... people just like you. It provides easy-to-understand and easy-to-use survival techniques for the working mom, the college student, the schoolteacher, the laid-off factory worker, the Wall Street executive, the tourist, and the retired war veteran. Survival is not that difficult for most of us if we learn a few of the truths and secrets about surviving and put away some of the common myths, all explained in "Survive Until The End Comes". This all new 2013 edition, while covering the basics of outdoor survival skills, also covers things rarely discussed in survival guides.
You will learn to become more resourceful, and you will learn to improvise in everyday situations. Your chances of surviving a real disaster will increase as you absorb the ideas and master the simple techniques covered in this book. Get your printed or eBook copy of "Survive Until The End Comes" today!

Book Description

May 17, 2013 (Bug-Out Bag Edition Released June 2013)
David is married and has two sons and eight grandchildren. He resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. David is an ex-paramedic and medical rescue professional. He has spent over 40 years field-testing and mastering the survival techniques he shares with you in "Survive Until The End Comes".He also shares some of his valuable financial survival experience with you in the chapters on money, debt, bartering, and cutting back. "Survive Until The End Comes", is about survival in the real world. You will develop your mind for survival in any situation, be it a nuclear explosion, a business failure, a car accident, a divorce, or the death of someone close to you. Get your printed or eBook copy today!

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...David's book goes beyond the traditional "nuts and bolts" survival guide. This book does cover supplies and tools, but the focus of this book is something far more important; survival mindset. "Survive Until The End Comes" prepares you to be mentally ready for a survival situation, with a plan and the heartfelt belief that you can survive. It's OK to read books on which knife to use and how many cans of Beanie-Weenie to stockpile. But, if a hurricane destroys your home and you lose your knife and your stockpile of Beanie-Weenie, this book will have given you the ability to keep a positive survival attitude and the skills to replace your supplies, find shelter, and live. Philip S., Soldier and Lawman, North Carolina


...Our family recently experienced a tragic accident with loss of life. I was in the middle of reading, no, studying this book when the disaster struck. The sections on dealing with death and the financial section has helped us cope. These two chapters alone are worth the price of the book. I highly recommend this guide on "how to live" to everyone. G.R. Retail Business, North Carolina


...Packs a wallop of information to those new to survival & is an excellent refresher course to veteran survivalists. The benefits of this book will not be fully recognized until "if" and "when" a survival situation actually occurs. This book can and will save your life! Pre-conceived notions and discrepancies can be avoided and corrected by consulting "S.U.T.E.C." "Before" starting survival procedures. S.C. Restaurant Owner, North Carolina


...Concise instructions and clarity on how to deal with various crisis situations. Steve K, NC


...Good information about doing for yourself & planning ahead for anything. I learned how to reduce daily stress in the pages of this book. I no longer worry about money the way I used too. D.M., Bookkeeper, NC


...I learned how to build a fire, anytime, anywhere. I have gained confidence, hope and comfort from Survive Until The End Comes. I have learned how to cut back on smoking and overeating. David makes it really simple. Highly recommended! T.C., Sales Manager, Virginia

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A Sample of Step-By-Step Photos From The Inside of Survive Until The End Comes
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