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Chapter 7: Traveling & Emergency Shelter (Continued)



Wind Chill and the Insulation Factor

Waterproofing for Your Insulation


Getting Dry

Food for Extreme Conditions


Keeping Safe

Look for Valuables While Traveling

The Perfect Bug-Out Kit


Chapter 8: Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Disasters


Yes, We Can Survive All-Out Nuclear War

They Still Prepare for Nuclear War

Are You Prepared for Nuclear War?

What Happens During a Nuclear Explosion?

What is Fallout?

Dirty Bombs

How is Radiation Measured?

How Much Radiation Will Kill You?

Purchasing and Using Radiation Meters

How Long Will Deadly Radiation Last?

Potassium Iodide to Prevent Thyroid Cancer

Protect Yourself from Fallout

Fallout Shelters

Protecting Yourself from EMPís

Biological and Chemical Disasters

NIOSH-Approved Particulate Filtering Respirators


Chapter 9: Survival Events


Terrorist Attacks

Earthquakes and Tsunamis




Severe Thunderstorms

Protecting Yourself from Bird Flu

Winter Weather Hazards

Summer Weather Hazards

Automobile Accidents


Chapter 10: Security


Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, & Your Possessions.

If You Are Being Shot At

Active Shooter

Learning to Fall Out of Love with Your Possessions

Secrecy: The Ultimate Security

If They Donít Know You Have It, They Cannot Steal It

Donít Buy a Gun if You Are Afraid to Use It - Acquire Training

How to Hide Things That May Be Important for Survival

Defending Whatís Yours


Chapter 11: Money, Debt & Bartering


Learning to Trade and Barter

Making a Living

Finding Extra Money Now

Personal Financial Health and Debt


Chapter 12: Cutting Back


Halving Back

Breaking Unwanted Habits

Stopping Smoking

Losing Weight

We May Have to Cut Back


Chapter 13: Dealing With Death


We All Have to Face It Sooner or Later


Death is Not Easy

Death During a Survival Event

Surprise, Disbelief, Deep Sorrow and Anger

The Slow Process of Acceptance

Getting Help

Have We Become Desensitized to Death

Learning to Face Death


Chapter 14: First Aid Kits


Primary Home Kit

Auto First Aid Kit

Travel or Personal First Aid Kit


Chapter 15: Survival Kits


Primary Home Survival Kit

Auto Survival Kit

Personal or Travel Survival Kit


Chapter 16: Some Final Thoughts


Total Economic Collapse

Reducing Physical Stress

Supply Lines

How to Locate Resources

Is the End Near?

The Signs of the Times



Chapter 1: Your Secret Survival Weapons


Learning to Think Differently

Your First Response

Be Calm - Seek Hope - There Should Always Be Hope

Initial Decision-Making

Developing a Positive Attitude in Your Mind

Dealing With Fear, Stress, & Anxiety - Fight Fear and Panic

Developing Hope, Comfort, And Calm

Developing Knowledge

Your Secret Weapon Over Fear

Your Faith and Beliefs


Chapter 2: The Body Must Live


The Three-Step Plan: The First 24 Hours

Considering Your Options

Survive The Event

The Next Three Hours

Vital Tasks

After The Event Has Happened

First Aid

Heal Thyself First

Are You Breathing Well?

Control Severe Bleeding!

Treat For Shock!

Keep Warm!

Survey Yourself For Injuries!

Other First Aid Considerations

Remove Yourself from Immediate Danger

Study the Entire Situation

Should You Stay Put or Try to Get Away?

Create Your Three-Hour Survival Plan

Act on Your Plan

Survive for 24 Hours


Chapter 3: Live For 72 Hours


Choose Your Leaders Carefully

Acquiring Resources

Becoming Resourceful

Protecting Yourself

Seek Safe Shelter

Survive for 72 Hours

Extended Survival

Thinking Long-Term Survival

Creating a Plan for Extended Survival


Chapter 4: Water & Fire


Finding and Making Water Safe to Drink

Filtering Your Water

Chemical Water Treatment

Boiling Your Water

Solar Water Disinfection

Storing Your Water


Fire for Warmth and Cooking



Fuel for the Fire

Building Your Fire

The Trench Fire

Making a Fire Roll


Chapter 5: Emergency Food


Locating and Preparing Food Proteins


Cleaning Fish

Eggs and Fowl

Other Proteins

Killing a Large Animal

Traditional Slaughtering Methods

Survival Slaughtering

Small Game

Domesticated Animals for Food

Rats, Mice, Snakes and Insects

Proteins to Avoid


Testing Wild Plants

Common Edible Wild Plants

Survival Food Preparation and Cooking

Learning to Improvise


Chapter 6: Keeping Your Food Safe


Food-Borne Bacteria

Curing and Drying Food

Canning Your Food

Vacuum Packed Foods

Sun Drying Leftovers

When is Food Dry Enough?


Using a Food Dehydrator

My Favorite Jerky Recipe

Storing Your Food


Chapter 7: Traveling & Emergency Shelter


Protecting Yourself While Traveling

Extreme Cold

Extreme Heat

Regulating Hot and Cold
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