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No one knows when the next big disaster will occur,
but I can help you get ready to survive it, if you’ll let me!
I’m David Presnell. I’m a prepper, a survivalist, and a survival author. I inherited it! I’ll tell you more about me in a moment. Time is short! I want to talk to you about you saving yourself and your family when doomsday arrives.

It amazes me how few people in America would survive a major disaster. That makes you and me members of a special and limited group. We’re survivors! We plan and train for the day we truly hope will never come, but somehow we know doomsday will come! It’s closer now than it has ever been before. I put my life on the line for years researching and practicing real survival techniques. I proved what works and what will fail. I have put all my survival knowledge and experience together for you in a real world, true-to-life, modern survival guide calledSurvive Until The End Comes”. This is not a copy of old-school wilderness survival theory that probably won’t work for you when all hell breaks loose in the cities. This is the real world survival!

You’ll quickly discover that you can survive even if you don’t have stockpiles of supplies, weapons, or a bunker. You’ll know exactly what to do when the nukes fly or the power goes off… forever! You will develop confidence in the wild edible and highly nutritious food growing in your backyard or in the vacant lot at work.

You and I know it’s going to happen, soon! Earth-changing doomsday events have happened before and they will happen again. The Bible predicts it! Science knows it! The government knows it! The government is one of the largest preppers in the world. They have massive stockpiles of food and gear, weapons, and huge underground bunkers. Yet, they call us crazy! Do they know something they’re not telling us? If the governments prepping, you and I should be preparing too? Is it possible that all those people in the government don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to use all gear?

Where will you and your family be when the grid goes down? Will you have the knowledge and skills to survive the event and get you to where you need to go? Spending an hour or two reviewing Survive Until The End Comes
in the comfort of your home before all hell breaks loose can change your life.
When doomsday gets here, you know that having the proper supplies and safe shelter is important.
You also know that what you do during the first few precious minutes of a life-changing event – a survival event – may mean the difference in you and your family living… or dying!
Learn how to build a fire
anytime, anywhere!
You will become
skilled in the use of
commonly available radiation detectors.
You will learn about
life-saving first aid
surviveuntiltheendcomes001020.jpg surviveuntiltheendcomes001019.jpg Common Edible Plants
Learn how to secure your own food
from the land.
Survival Water Filtering
Find and make
water safe to drink
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Survival Belly Crawl
Safely escape a burning building or
get away from an active shooter
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If you are a survival prepper, a survivalist, or someone just thinking about how to protect yourself and your family from the coming hell on earth then you need "Survival Preppers Doomsday Survival Checklist".

This comprehensive survival and first aid checklist was carefully put together and field tested for over eight years during the development of the book "Survive Until The End Comes". It includes three complete lists for home or bunker, auto, and personal or travel for both survival and first aid.

From it you can construct the perfect survival and medical disaster preparedness solutions. From it you can put together, in a moment's notice the perfect bug-out kit, or auto kit. Having a prepared list to go by will be of tremendous value when a survival event occurs. Leaving one thing out may reduce your chances of survival.
Preppers Checklist
Get The Book
$9.95 Direct From Publisher
The Perfect Companion for Survive Until The End Comes!
What makes "Survive Until The End Comes" a unique survival resource?
Here are just a few answers:
l You will know exactly what to do, what to do first to survive the initial doomsday event, and you will know how to survive the rough hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead

l You will discover four vital things you should do immediately as the disaster unfolds that may save your life

l Should you stay put or bug out? Discover a powerful decision-making tool that you can use to answer that question quickly and effortlessly

l When all hell breaks loose, using your survival knowledge and new skills you have acquired from “Survive Until The End Comes” may qualify you as a leader. The government will probably be shut down and the masses will likely be panicking and in total chaos looking for direction. If you wish to lead them, you will discover the best ways to deal with the mob mentality and lead with strength and knowledge
l I’ll show you with step-by-step photos how to easily put on a chemical suit and gas mask and protect your home and bunker from chemical and biological attack

l We both know that many people will die, immediately, and in the hours and days after doomsday happens. When we realize we have survived the event, we will come face-to-face with massive, horrible, and unimaginable death. We will see and be exposed to things that many humans will be unable to bear. Seeing the ripped and torn dying or rotting bodies of people will test our very ability to continue on. I prepared an in depth chapter on dealing with death from my years of experience in the field as a paramedic. I was forced to deal with dying and death on a daily basis. I will show you powerful methods of coping with death and dying.
l  No other survival book will give you that!
l How will you respond when people start shooting at you? I’ll show you a method that I personally tested over and over to reduce your chances of being fatally wounded from an active shooter. You will discover the truth about personal security with guns and other weapons and how to protect your possessions 

l Total economic collapse is coming. Hell, it’s happening as I type. It’s trickling right down to our wallets and it’s going to get worse! There is a special, very powerful chapter in “Survive Until The End Comes” on trading and bartering after the collapse. You will develop new bartering and trading skills that are so powerful you don’t have to wait until disaster strikes to use them. You can put cash in your pocket right now!

l You may be your only source of first aid after doomsday. Hospitals, if operating, will be overrun. Ambulances will never show up. You will be on your own! You will learn emergency techniques for surveying yourself for injuries, and you will learn seven emergency first aid tips that may save you or one of your family member’s lives.

l We both know that when the EMP hits, and it will because it has happened before, the world will be instantly rocketed back into the days of candlelight and living off the land. I’ll show you all about EMP’s – what they are and how you can protect yourself from some of their damaging effects
l When hell unfolds upon the earth and you are miles away from your home, your bunker, your stockpiles of water, food, and supplies, you will know exactly how to acquire the water, food, and supplies you need along the way. You will know how to survive, even without your bug out bag, on your trip home that may take days or weeks. You will make it, because you will know the powerful secrets of survival traveling and emergency shelter – chapter seven of “Survive Until The end Comes”.

l How much radiation can you be exposed to? Because of all the misinformation and lack of true information on the topic, you’ll find a powerful and lifesaving chapter on nuclear, biological, and chemical disaster. You will discover the truth about radiation and fallout and how to protect yourself and your family from it. I’ll show you exactly how much you can be exposed to and step-by-step photos of how to use commonly available radiation detectors. I’ll also show you the secrets and the truth about potassium iodide… they are the pills some people in DC eat like candy when a nuclear threat exists. You will know why they do, and how to get your hands on some now, before they are taken off the shelf.
If you’re not sure “Survive Until The End Comes” is the perfect real survival book for you, then check out the table of contents. You’ll notice that chapters 14 and 15 cover, in detail, first aid kits and survival kits for your bug out bag, your auto and work, and your home or bunker. It’s a small price considering what you have to gain from its pages.
Survive Until The End Comes” is available in a full color large paperback edition direct from the publisher for $34.95 (Click Here). This is the edition I suggest for your home or bunker. It is also available in a special bug-out-bag edition, printed smaller, in black and white for $14.95 (Click Here). This reduced-cost version is perfect for your bug out bag or car trunk bag. If you like digital books, then “Survive Until The End Comes” is available from Amazon in a full-color Kindle edition for $7.49 (downloadable immediately). It’s got all the step-by-step color photos and all the text of the main edition but at a greatly reduced cost. When the lights go out, I do hope you have a copy of the full-color printed edition. Reading it by candlelight may offer you comfort during the long, rough days of chaos ahead. Click Here to get started protecting your family now!
When I started studying wilderness survival over 40 years ago, the few survival books that existed told me how to trap, skin, and cook a bear, or had a paragraph or two on rubbing sticks together to make a fire. Not much use today, if you live in a city. In 2003, with a feeling disaster was approaching, I began researching and testing modern survival skills.

The first edition of “Survive Until The End Comes” was published in 2011. But there was so much more I needed to provide the modern prepper and the modern survivalist. I continued survival research and testing, learning what works and what won’t. I released the much improved second edition of “Survive Until The End Comes” in 2013. This book provides the knowledge and skills you need to survive just about anything for the long-term.

I have been a prepper and survivalist my entire life. It was etched into me from birth. My parents grew up in the worst of the Great Depression. They struggled through some of the most difficult hardships humans could imagine; yes right here in America. They didn’t know the meaning of the words prepper and survivalist. They called prepping “stocking up for a rainy day”. Their survival slogan was “waste not, want not”!

They stockpiled everything… canned, frozen, dried, pickled, cured, and smoked homegrown food. They kept shelves full of store-bought items the farm could not provide. They owned underground tanks full of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil. Our family traded and bartered everything from cattle and timber to hides and ginseng. Mom had candles, oil lamps, and a modern wood cook stove for when the power went out.

I was part of it all. Had to be! Learned to shoot a rifle and set traps about the same time I learned to ride a bicycle. We killed three hogs and two or three grain fed steers every year. We hunted wild game, trapped for hides, fished for trout, dug ginseng, picked wild berries and herbs, picked and preserved apples from our own small orchard. We learned about mountain and Indian herbal medicine, too.

I became a paramedic in my younger years and worked for a large county medical rescue unit. This completed the skills I needed to survive almost anything. Over the past 40 years, I have researched, mastered, and tested most of the wilderness survival skills of the old timers, including the Native Americans. In 2003, it occurred to me that knowing how to knap flint into an arrowhead would be of no use immediately after a doomsday event such as nuclear war.

The need for real world survival information in a modern age was just not available. Books told me to filter your water before drinking it. Wow! I’ve never carried around a water filter in my pocket. Very few books told you how to use a water filter or how dangerous they could be if improperly used or improperly cleaned. I learned to filter and disinfect the worst possible water with or without a water filter and you will too, in "Survive Until The End Comes".

People thought I was crazy when I stocked up on canned food in 2007. The signs were clear to me that economic trouble was coming. I paid 53 cents each for cans of name brand mixed vegetables. They’re selling for $1.59 each today at the same store and the cans are smaller. When my wife opens and cooks a can of those vegetables, my investment return is awesome; better than anything Wall Street has to offer.

In “Survive Until The End Comes”, you will discover the secrets of buying, stocking, rotating, and bartering your food and supplies, all while keeping you reserve stockpile up-to-date and intact. So, get you copy now, before it’s too late!

I truly hope doomsday never comes in our lifetimes, but just in case does, I hope you are prepared!

I want you to get your copy now! Click Here to secure your future!

It is a way of thinking! Of course, if your time is up, then it’s up! But what if hell unfolds on earth and you wake up – still alive? Then you are a survivor! Then you will need every bit of knowledge you have stored in your brain – all of your survival skills will be put into action – and no amount of money can buy knowledge and practiced skills! If you live through the event, “Survive Until The End Comes” will show you how to survive its aftermath! There’s more! If someone whispered in your ear that a volcano is about to erupt in California, from the pages of “Survive Until The End Comes” you will know to bug out to a safer location before it happens. You will be prepared! You will know how to study the signs of what is about to happen and prepare for it. You will have a place to go! You will know how to survive, apart from God’s will, and the end of time, you will “Survive Until The End Comes!” It’s all up to you! Click here to get your printed copy direct from the publisher. If you prefer a Kindle version, click here to get your download now.
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